Understanding Facebook Ad Fatigue

Wava Jacobson
January 15, 2022

Everyone wants an ad of their products to be seen on prominent social media platforms like Facebook. But sometimes, watching the same ad over and over again becomes annoying. If you're promoting the same ad to the same group of people for a considerably more protracted amount of time, ad fatigue will be an essential issue. This is because, in online platforms like Facebook, the audience does not decrease quickly. Ad fatigue is an issue that influences even noticeable and best promotion campaigns. Ads keep on coming more frequently than before since the campaign frequency gets high, hence becomes unresponsive

Fortunately, this issue can be controlled. You need to make sure you understand how Facebook ad fatigue works.

Identification of ad fatigues

There are three ways to identify ad fatigues.

  • CPA- It stands for cost per action. You know there's ad fatigue if you see a rise in your average CPA.
  • Frequency- The more the frequency, the more is the ad fatigue.
  • CTR- It stands for click-through rate. It tells us the total number of people clicking on your ad. The more the CTR, the less the ad fatigue.

Campaigns with large investments on ads can face ad fatigue within less than five days.

Is the ad fatigue making an impact on your campaign performance?

It doesn't matter how much money you spend on your ad campaign. You will face ad fatigue. The algorithm is the same for every advertiser. Instead, you should make sure that your ROAS is high.

ROAS stands for Return On Ad Spend. It means how much returns you are getting per ad. You need first to identify the fatigue in your campaigns. Analyze ROAS to measure your profits. Then measure these four core metrics:

  • Cost.
  • Relevance.
  • Frequency.
  • CPM.

If you want to reduce ad fatigue, increase ROAS by decreasing the frequency of the ads. This, in turn, reduces your frequency score and increases the cost per result. Hence the number of results negatively affecting your profits will decrease.

Tips And Tricks To Avoid Ad Fatigue

Fortunately, the issue of ad fatigues can be controlled. You need to make sure you understand how Facebook ad fatigue works. So let's get started.  

Update your target list

Keep refreshing your targeted audience. Even though your campaign missions are the same, set a new list of the targeted audience as no one likes to see the same ad.

The new type of audience to whom you're about to introduce your product also depends on the audience's temperature you are already targeting. The three types of audience temperatures are hot, warm, cold.

Hot audience features only website audience. A cold audience means an audience with similar interests. A warm audience consists of any audience engaged in page or video posts.

Be creative with your ads

Creativity can win you both warm and cold audiences. Try out alternative images and text outlines to make up a new Facebook ad. These can give your campaign a new life to start over.

Please don't make it similar to the previous ads because there's a reason why they didn't work. Try something different. Change it from the original version.

Try your hands on new formats too. Many advertisers boost their income by changing designs and decreasing ad fatigues.

Holidays and Functions

Who doesn't like the holidays? You can easily create new themes related to all the different types of holidays to attract more people.

Such methods are excellent marketing techniques. People already buy new products for the holidays. So your business can definitely flourish if you use this technique properly.

Replace, Recreate and Rotate

Remember these 3 R's to avoid ad fatigues.

  • Replace- Try and replace all the other ads that have reached their saturation point. Put up new ads of the same service you want to broadcast it more.
  • Recreate- People get bored by seeing the same ads. So try and recreate each ad multiple times. Switch colors, headlines, templates. Try and reword your ads. Rewording makes a positive impact on people. It's a very effective way to gain audience count.
  • Rotate- Don't show one ad continuously. Keep rotating them; it will reduce the monotonicity of the ads and their reactions. Hence there will be less fatigue.
Modification of CTA

CTA is an essential aspect of your ad campaign. CTAs improve the number of clicks on your ads. Hence if you're getting more fatigue, it means a fewer number of people are clicking on your ads. Therefore change the CTA.

It would be best if you also made your ad more engaging. It's because if people aren't finding it interesting, then they won't click on it. If they don't click on it, the CTA value will remain low. As a result, the cost per action will also remain low. Hence less revenue will be generated.

Facebook Reach Ads

Reach ads help to reduce ad fatigue by adjusting the frequency cap. They help to sort out your target list by separating audiences into 'buckets' based on their posts, likes, and shares. It is a beneficial service by Facebook in terms of the marketing of products. An ideal audience acquirement is around 1000 people in your new website custom audience, which is not at all bad. It has a great return on investment and is absolutely worth it.

New offers and services

The last Facebook promotion campaign changes you can make is to introduce another proposal to your intended audience. This change consolidates the ad creative change and copy change. On the off chance that you aren't getting any foothold with your promotions, present another product to your crowd.

Facebook Ads can be an extraordinary method to highlight awareness for your business and services; however, ad fatigue is the main problem and can wind up neutralizing you rapidly. Ensure you limit the likely effects by following the tips mentioned earlier. By doing so, you can revive what your crowds see or acquaint new crowds with existing advertisements, consequently decreasing the effect of ad fatigues and boosting your outcomes.

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