Start Making Money On Instagram

January 15, 2022

Making Money On Instagram

Making money on Instagram is a topic that attracts much interest these days. I’m sure you’ve heard about this subject, and if not, you’re about to find out how you can make money on Instagram to grow your business faster. But first, what is meant by making money on Instagram?

How To Make Money On Instagram in 2021

Making money on Instagram in 2021 is easier through sponsored post. There are few brands who can offer you to pay for advertising of your product/service on their account, so that you can reach their followers and let them buy your product.

Marketing Your Online Store On Instagram

Instagram is an incredibly powerful platform for generating traffic. As of June 2021, there were more than 1 billion users who log in at least once per month. 68 million users use Instagram Stories every day and Instagram has approximately 7,500 advertisers giving their audience the chance to receive marketing messages, just like any other advertising platform does. These numbers prove how much opportunity Instagram Ads gives you to market your business and products. So getting involved with promoting your store through Instagram by following these strategies will be a worthwhile investment.

At Syntax IQ, we give you the ability to market your online store with just 3 clicks. Instagram ads are a great way for social media advertisers to grow their business. However, before diving in head first, it is important to understand the process of photo ad creation and how to avoid making costly mistakes. We’ve written an article with tips on how to take advantage of Instagram ads without breaking your bank account.

Your Instagram Photos Could Be Worth Something

We all love to take photos, but we’re not always sure what to do with them. The easiest thing to do is upload them on instagram or facebook, but you can make money from doing that! There are actually quite a few sites (fiverr, etsy, picmonkey, etc.) where you can make money from your photos.

Post Compelling Images

First and foremost, Instagram is a visual platform. The images you posts are the main ways that you interact with your audience (captions are also important, which we discuss below). If you want to make money on Instagram, then you have to post something people want to buy and the images you post are the best way to create that desire for your product.

A few tips to create the best images: use natural light, frame your subject, consider your viewpoint - different vantage points can create visually stunning pictures, and always make sure your images are in focus. Your visuals also need to draw the user in. They need to convey a story or a message that gets the person excited and engaged. Engaged users = more sales.

But there is a second component. Are all images created equally? Beyond the obvious reasons (different camera, lighting etc...) two photos of equal quality may not get the same engagement numbers. Maybe one was taken outside in nature and the other one was inside by a nice fireplace. How do you know why one performed better? Heads or Tails? Syntax IQ has a better solution. We offer creative insights that break down your Instagram images into simple to understand tags based on what is in the photo. We then provide data about what tags performed best. No more guess work.

Create a Brand Style

Think about the brands you love; do you see any similarities between them? One thing you may notice is they all have a particular brand style. You ever see an ad and immediately know what the brand is before the commercial is over? It's because the brand has consistently portrayed a consistent brand style that you have come to recognize.

It is a lofty goal if you are starting out, but it's crucial to think about what type of content you want to share with your audience and how you want it to look. In addition, brand recognition can influence buying decisions, so this directly affects your bottom line.

The look you present on Instagram should be consistent across posts, so your follows can easily pick you out of their feeds and then purchase your products,.

What brand style you choose doesn't have to be a solo decision. Let your audience help you decide. Test out a few different styles and let Syntax IQ's creative insights tools tell you what style your audience most resonated with.

Write Amazing Captions

While Instagram is a visual platform, that doesn't mean words don't matter. Compelling writing always sells. So don't neglect your captions if you want to maximize your opportunities to make money on Instagram.

The first thing to consider is the length of your caption. The app allows you to create captions that are up to 2,200 characters long. But the ideal length is approx. 130-150. At that length, it is short enough for someone to read while quickly scanning your posts, but not long enough that have to spend forever reading it. Your short on space so start off your captions will something to grab the users attention. Not sure what to put? Don't worry about it, Syntax IQ will generate compelling captions for your intstagrams posts that always attention grabbing and increase the likelihood of a sale.

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