Our 10 Favorite Retail Podcasts

January 15, 2022

At the end of a stressful day at work, there is nothing better than listening to the industry's latest trends. When you are a retailer, you need to keep in sync with the industry's happenings because things change pretty fast over here. Podcasts are in hype right now because they are easy to digest even after you have had a rough day.

So, you will be able to digest information by listening to these podcasts, and it would not be overwhelming, we promise!

We have enlisted our favorite retail podcasts along with a brief description to give you a little idea. So feel free to choose any and go with the flow of information:

1: Retail Nightmares

The name says it all, and you need to listen to this podcast whenever you are having dark thoughts of quitting everything. There are some days when you question your choice of entering the retail industry in the first place. But don't worry, everyone feels this way at some point or the other, and this podcast lightens it with tidbits of humor. The podcast will not only bring a smile on your lips, but its content will also engage you. You would get to hear about real retail stories from all over the world, which will help you realize that there is someone who is even worse off than you.


This podcast's main aim, hosted by a famous retail consultant, is to make brick and mortar store owners familiar with the technology. The first episode of the podcast was launched in 2019, and since then, there have been 13 episodes of 25 minutes duration. An expert is invited to introduce an innovative tech solution to the brick and mortar store owners in every episode. If you are the owner of a traditional retail store and trying to incorporate technology to trigger your business's growth, you would find the podcast of your taste.

3: eCommerce Fuel podcast

Are you trying to deal with the umpteenth issues of your retail website for a while now? Then you would be able to receive insights from this podcast, which tells you critical happenings in the eCommerce industry. The speakers are usually industry experts, and they share useful tips and tricks to help you get your website going. You can ask for retail advice and get them answered in the live podcast. Furthermore, by the end of the episodes, you will hopefully set retail goals and design the roadmap by thinking smart and not hard!

4: Total Retail Talks

If you want to listen to pure retail talk to fuel up your motivations, then watch out for this particular podcast. It is focused around a deep catalog of stories of the retail industry. You can expect retail biggies, some of who might be your idol, to share their life lessons with you. Also, to help you keep going even during the worse days, these experts talk about how they dealt with their struggles and kept them going until the end.

5: Jason and Scott podcast

The podcast run by the two hosts will be an absolute delight to your ears if you are into actionable insights into the retail industry. Another great reason for adding it to your playlist is that it is entirely predictable, so you know that more episodes are coming up. The speakers are experts in the retail domain, and on occasions, they bring up guests from other industry segments to share their opportunities and shortcomings.

6: Retail Redeveloped

Alex Williams, the retail estate guru, is mostly responsible for bringing out the best in this podcast with his real-world retail stories. If you want to understand the most common problems faced by customers of retail brands, then the content of this podcast might keep you hooked! Furthermore, the podcast releases a new episode every week, and the topic of discussion is diverse to keep listeners engaged.

7: Retail Doctor

Another podcast for brick and mortar retail owners is hosted by Bob Phillips, who has spent over 25 years in the industry by serving diverse roles. If you need a rush of positivity, be sure to tune into this, because you might get what you need! There are about 60 episodes each of 20 minutes duration approx all bringing up about the upsides of being a retail businessman.

8: Shopify Masters

As the name suggests, this podcast is sponsored by the eCommerce giant Shopify, and you would find more than 250 episodes of this podcast. In every episode, you will listen to a Shopify entrepreneur who will share their story right from taking baby steps to get a taste of overwhelming success.

9: Retail Ramble

Take some time off your busy schedule and listen to this to know about the constant shopping evolution. The podcast aims to educate retailers about incorporating technology to transform the shopping experience for their consumers.

10: The Retail Exchange

If you are addicted to research and statistical data about the retail industry, then this might be what you came looking for! The podcast brought to you by Visual Thinking, a retail agency, talks about brands' success stories the reasons behind it. Furthermore, it uncovers the ugly challenges every retailer might face within the next decade.

Now that we have shared our favorite retail podcasts, which ones have caught your attention? The popularity of podcasts is skyrocketing every second, so don't miss out on your chance of listening to these. If you are consistent, then who knows, you might start a popular podcast someday to share your successful retail story!

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