How To Write Amazon Headline Ads

Wava Jacobson
January 15, 2022

Headlines are like the tip of the iceberg. That’s the first thing that readers will see. If it is not intriguing, then it will be the only thing that the reader will see. It must be compelling, concise, and specific. It must be accurate, above all. The first impression is an essential part of everything.

What makes a headline better?
  • It makes a specific promise, not at all vague, appropriate, and accurate.
  • Clarity
  • Intrigues curiosity.
How are ordinary headline different from amazon headline ads?

One reason is no brainer since the name itself suggests that one is ads and another is not. Amazon headlines are used for business purposes, to sell, promote, and spread awareness about a particular brand.

Headline Search Ads, what are they?

An advertising campaign that gives the opportunity to the amazon sellers for the promotion of their products on the Amazon website. If you have ever noticed, while shopping online on amazon, whenever you search for a product, there is always an advertisement for the product on top of the search results. It is quite like sponsored products on amazon. It works on a cost-per-click basis.

You have to bid to take the top spot. The highest bidder wins the game. Keeping that in mind, you should create a proper headline. The only difference between sponsored products and headline search ads is amazon headline search ads appear at the top of the page, whereas sponsored products appear at the bottom of the page.

How will headline search Ads help you and your business?

Since headline search Ads appear on top of the search results, they draw a lot of customer’s attention. This is an effective way to increase brand awareness and sales. This ad displays three unique products.

How to create a headline search Ads?

The first step is to meet the requirements before creating an Amazon Headline search Ad.

  • You must have a seller account on amazon and be a professional seller; only then you are eligible.
  • Your brand name should be properly registered.
  • Choosing the best keyword is vital when it comes to headline search ads. The keyword is like the nucleus of the whole headline advertising game. One of the most crucial factors in determining which ad will be displayed on the top is the keywords. Ensure the use of relevant keywords, a clear description of the product, and product titles are necessary. Write relevant and unique headlines with appropriate keywords.
  • Research the traffic volume of different keywords. It is essential to know which keywords are popular and widely used by shoppers while searching. Use Google AdWords to check which keywords have the maximum traffic.  
  • Now it is time for the budget to come into the picture. Headlines are pay-per-click. So, it is essential not to overspend in the advertisement. Headlines ads are indeed expensive. This is something to be noted. Make sure to incorporate only those words rather than keywords that have a higher probability of getting clicked on. Now you can move on to the next aspect of amazon headline search ads, which is keyword bidding.
  • Keyword bidding is the process of bidding on relevant keywords. Based on the traffic and popularity price of keywords vary. Some are more expensive than others. It would be best if you bid higher since the competition will be overwhelming for you, bid and win high traffic keywords. Someone might take the opportunity to take over the keyword if your bid is low. If you want to spend less on ads, then you should consider bidding on low traffic keywords.
  • Use your brand logo in your ads. Images of products should not exceed 400*400 pixels in dimensions. Try using images that are appealing to generate more clicks.
  • Make sure that your ads are clearly defined. Any ambiguity won’t be appreciated.
  • Spelling mistakes are a sign of low quality and bad reputation; try to avoid those.
  • Avoid grammatical errors. Customers will surely get entertained but won’t be persuaded to click on ads. Phrase your sentence to invoke curiosity in the minds of customers. If you manage to achieve this, then half of your problem is solved. Use more CTA phrases but make sure not to overdo it.
  • The anticipation of customer’s needs is important to target a specific audience. Anticipate how a customer will search for a product. Include those words in your headlines that are widely used.
  • The natural language of the customer or shoppers should be considered while drafting amazon headline search ads. Remember, you must make the best out of those 50 characters that you have.
  • Another factor to be careful about is ACOS or advertising cost of sales. It is the average cost earned through paid marketing. The higher the advertising cost of sales, the higher will be the number of clicks.
  • Target the specific audience, show them what products they are looking for. With the advancement in technology, we now have AI or artificial intelligence. It is continually reading user inputs, that is, the choices of the user. In simple words, the algorithm is written to check the individual’s dwell time on a specific category of product. And later, showing them related products on amazon through headline ads or sponsored ads.

Pay per click campaigns are challenging, especially for amateurs, who just stepped foot into the world of digital marketing and online selling. But with proper guidance and knowledge, acing on this online selling is inevitable.

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