How To Create Engaging Snapchat Products Ads

Shad Rohan
January 15, 2022

Snapchat is one of the widely used messaging applications. Features like video calling, voice calling, and various filters, along with share snaps, are what you get out of Snapchat. You can set a timer with different photos you sent to disappear upon viewing. The privacy of this is app is astounding.

Keeping these features in mind, let's jump into business, shall we? Various companies are opting for Snapchat for social media marketing. Snapchat provides other facilities that shall be discussed later.

How to create a Snapchat ad?

There are two options to create a Snapchat ad. One is instant create, and the other is advance create.

Instant create

The easiest ways to advertise is by using instant create option. Firstly, you need a Snapchat account, then you will be able to log into the ads manager, and you are ready. After logging into ads manager, click create ads &gt instant ads.

You should have a clear goal. There are several options under instant create. These options are website visits, calls & texts, promote the local place, app visits, and app installs.

  • Website visits will redirect people who are using Snapchat to your website . You have to provide your website URL.
  • As the name suggests, promote the local place promotes your local store, and spread awareness about your brand. Provide images and website links, and Snapchat will take care of the rest.
  • Calls & texts allow users to call you for any query directly. Add your preferred phone number for business queries.
  • App installs will take users to the play store or apple store where they can download your app. All you need to do is provide an app name , icon, and app ID. And you are done. Similar to website visits, the only difference being app installs redirects people to your app where they can download it.
  • App visits work similarly, redirecting snapchatters to your mobile app

After setting up all these, you need to create a brand name headline and provide your brand's logo. When you finished, just set up payment details and publish them. It's that simple.

Advanced create

Advanced create allows you to create multiple ads sets and control everything

  • Story ads

Advertisers use this feature to place a branded tile, usually in Snapchat discover section. On clicking further will take you to a collection of snap ads. Usually, the range is between 3 to 20. To get the best result, you will need 34 characters headline, the brand name of 25 characters can be lesser and swipe up attachments.

  • Snapchat Filters

You must have seen dog-faced memes on Facebook. Those are filters. A filter is nothing but templates that will give an artistic look to your snap. With stylish texts, fonts, and illustrations, you can modify your snap. This helps you create engaging and relevant content rather than ads or brand promotions in a fun way.

You can include 1080 by a 2340-pixel picture with size no more than 300 KB, preferably in PNG format with transparent background. Everything will be in portrait mode. Make sure to use sponsors that will be within 32 pixels.

  • Collection ads

This feature allows you to post a series of products in one go, more like a catalog. It's a video with features products in the form of thumbnails at the bottom.

  • AR lenses

AR means augmented reality. With augmented reality, you can incorporate animated objects and different relevant or fun animations in your snaps. The famous dog-faced filter is nothing but an example of augmented reality. Eye-catching filters help to draw the audience's attention. You can create interactive snaps using AR lenses. AR comes with two different lenses; one is the world lens, and another is the face lens.

  • Snap ads

These are like Facebook or Instagram stories; when swiped up, it will take you to a specific website. It is often used for ads. These are short 10 second videos with hidden links.

  • Choose an objective

There are five basic options:

  1. Drive traffic to your website
  2. Redirect to your app
  3. Drive installs
  4. Grow awareness
  5. Drive video views.
  • Set budgets, audience, and schedule of your ads

You need to fill up geography, demographics, placement, device, and audience. Set up budgets. Schedule time based on your convenience. After running the campaign, optimize, and report.

Snapchat for business

The main goal is engagement with the customer. Here's how you can do it.

  • Try to post stories daily; don't overdo it. Keep it between 6-9. Stories disappear after 24 hours; make sure to post daily.
  • To get more traffic, promote Snapchat account on other social media platforms.
  • Approach social media influencers for the promotion of your brand. They have a large number of followers.
  • Discounts, promo codes, and coupons are a great way to attract the audience. Posting this on your story will help.
  • Promote new products; update your followers with your latest products. Post stories, share snaps
  • It is essential to reply to your customers or followers whenever they post a query.
  • Add links to your stories and snap ads, when upon swiping, will take snapchatters to your website.

Other than this, Snapchat allows you to create ads as exciting and engaging as possible. There is a plethora of templates to choose from- text styles, font, icons, filter, and many more.With gaining popularity, Snapchat turns out to an excellent platform for marketing.


Do you want to create engaging ads, promote your products, and spread brand awareness? Then Snapchat is the best option for you.

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